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Menu Canvas Mobile Settings

How to customize this menu on mobile? Please follow the steps below:

From "Theme Settings", click tab "Vinova Canvas Mobile"

1 - Show search : Enable/Disnable the search bar in the mobile canvas menu

2 - Show social : Enable/Disable social icons at the bottom of the mobile canvas menu

3 - Email & Hotline : Email information and hotline number displayed at the bottom of the mobile canvas menu


You can see the details of these customizations and the corresponding features displayed on the mobile canvas here


Frequently Asked Questions

Error message: zip does not contain a valid theme: missing template “layout/theme.liquid” OR “Unfortunately it gives the error that it exceeds the 50MB transferlimit and doesnt allow it to upload.”
This is a common error when customers download the theme package and upload it immediately with this theme package. First, please extract/unzip the theme package you download from themeforest. The installation file is located in the Theme folder.
I bought the wrong theme, can I get a refund?
What Is The Support Time?
After installing the theme, will my site be installed with sample data?
Why am I not getting a response after sending support?
Is the license I bought used forever or has a monthly fee ?
Do I have to pay for any apps you integrate in the theme?

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We're Here to Help!